Terms and Conditions
ITI Diploma in Implant Dentistry

Please read the terms and conditions before you register for our program.

1. The candidate is registering for the ITI Diploma in Implant Dentistry which is an Advanced level credentialing program offered through the ITI Curriculum.

2. Enrollment criteria:

a. Enrollment for the ITI Diploma is open to all implant dentists who have practiced implant dentistry for a minimum of 3 years. At the time of enrollment, the candidate should have reached a routine level of clinical and didactic knowledge, expertise, and experience in undertaking implant therapy for ITI SAC ‘S’ (Straightforward) and defined ‘A’ (Advanced) cases.
b. Candidates must hold a valid academic degree from an accredited dental school recognized by the ministry of health and/or the government of their own country.
c. Candidates must hold an ITI Curriculum Intermediate level certificate at the time of registration.
d. Candidates who do not hold an ITI Curriculum Intermediate level certificate, must, after registration, complete the ITI entry exam with a passing score of at least 70%. The exam consists of 90 multiple-choice, best answer questions and lasts 90 minutes. This is a mandatory pre-requisite for participation in the ITI Diploma program if the candidate does not hold an ITI Curriculum Intermediate level certificate.
e. If the candidate does not pass the entry exam after 2 attempts, the registration fee will be refunded minus an administrative fee of CHF 500.

3. The registration fees for the ITI Diploma are as follows:
For non-ITI Members a fee of CHF 4,800 (incl. VAT); for ITI Members a fee of CHF 3,900 (incl. VAT). This amount is payable in full before the candidate can access and start the program. This fee includes:

a. Entry exam with one free second attempt (for candidates who do not hold an ITI Curriculum Intermediate level certificate).
b. A structured group onboarding call for the participants
c. Access to the ITI Diploma online classroom containing content to structure and enhance the candidate’s documentation of cases, sample of a completed case template etc.
d. An oral examination with 2 local examiners.
e. A printed diploma to be sent to the candidate by post on successful completion of the program and awarded live at an ITI event, should the candidate be present at the event.

4. The ITI Diploma in Implant Dentistry:

a. Comprises eight online case submissions and an on-site oral examination.
b. Candidates take full responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of the program, signing declarations, anonymizing patient data and information, submitting the eight cases specified, and taking the oral examination.

5. Data Protection and liability

a. It is the responsibility of the candidate to collect informed patient consent in regard to data protection as indicated in the submission templates.
b. The ITI is not liable for any violation of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that may arise due to candidates’ negligence in regard to patient data protection procedures and regulations.


6. Candidates will receive feedback on their 8 case submissions from the ITI Board of Studies via email within a timeframe determined by the Board of Studies.

7. A rejected case can be resubmitted only once. If more than one case requires resubmission, the candidate is considered not to be ready for the ITI Diploma and will need to improve their skills and experience and then register again for the program after a suitable period of time.

8. The ITI will make every effort to hold the oral examination in the candidate’s language or otherwise in one of the ITI’s official languages.

9. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, an oral examination is canceled by the ITI, the candidate will be duly informed at least one month in advance. In this case the ITI has no liability for costs incurred by the participant for travel and accommodation, and a new date for the oral examination will be offered to the participant.

10. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a candidate is unable to attend the oral examination for which they are registered, cancelation must be received at least one month in advance of the scheduled date. In this case, an alternative date and opportunity will be provided at no additional cost to the candidate.

11. If the candidate does not attend the oral examination without canceling at least one month before, an additional fee of CHF 500 (incl. VAT) will be charged when rebooking the oral examination.

12. On completion of the oral examination, candidates will receive feedback from the ITI within 4-6 weeks.

13. Means of Appeal: There is no means of appeal. By consenting to these terms and conditions, candidates agree not to pursue any legal action against the ITI in regard to case submissions or oral examination results.

14. The diploma provided by the ITI does not in any way officially qualify participants to place dental implants. Local laws and regulations apply.

15. Where applicable, participants can obtain Continuing Education hours for the learning content they have covered in the program.

16. All fees once paid are non-refundable.

Status May 2022